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Psychological Evaluations

The Morgens Group provides comprehensive psychological testing, which refers to an evaluation that is requested when there is uncertainty about what is troubling an individual, or when information is required about a person's psychological make-up.


Psychological testing is often used to clarify diagnosis, identify family, relationship and social-emotional patterns that impact an individualís functioning, and provide the most appropriate treatment recommendations.  At the Morgens Group, we offer psychological evaluations for children, teens, and adults.

Potential areas addressed by a
Psychological Evaluation

Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar, Dysthymia, etc.)
Anxiety Disorders (OCD, Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, etc.)
Psychotic Disorders
Personality Disorders (Adults)
Eating Disorders
Adjustment Disorders
Anger Difficulties
Substance Abuse
Effects of Trauma
Problems with relationships
Intelligence, Academic Achievement
Underlying Emotions
Behavioral or Attentional Challenges
Developmental Abilities
Motivation / Judgment
Coping strategies and Resources
Adaptive and Self-Help skills/functioning
Behavioral functioning
The areas addressed in an individual's evaluation are determined by the referral question, client's (or parent) complaints and symptoms, and observations made during interview and test administration.  Some areas of functioning may be measured in more detail than others, depending upon the client's individual needs.
Evaluation Process:

Our evaluation process includes the assessment of personality style, emotional and psychological well-being, as well as behavioral, intellectual, academic and/or neuro-cognitive functioning.  During the assessment, objective and projective psychological tests are used as an additional way of gathering information about a person.

Typical Components to a Psychological Evaluation

Clinical interview
Interviews with significant others (such as parents, spouses, or teachers)
Review of past records and relevant documents.
Use of a variety of psychological instruments that include:
  Objective measures and questionnaires (e.g., WAIS-IV, MMPI-2, BASC-2, BDI, etc.)
  Projective measures (e.g., Rorschach, TAT, Drawings, etc.)
Scoring and interpretation of the testing results
Feedback Session that reviews the results and treatment recommendations
Written report
When to seek out a Psychological Evaluation:

A psychological evaluation is recommended when there is a suspected social, emotional or behavioral difficulty.  The difficulty may be mild or severe and can significantly impair one's ability to carry out everyday activities and responsibilities.  Also, other areas of functioning, such as cognitive, mood, social-emotional, relationships or behavior can be impacted.  Referrals are typically made to diagnose, clarify or rule out possible conditions.


Common Reasons Psychological Referrals are Made

Confirm or modify impressions made by a therapist
Everyday activities and responsibilities significantly impacted by mood
Overwhelmed by obsessive fears or phobias
Concerns about body image and/or excessive weight loss
Identify needs in therapy or issues that come up in treatment
Thoughts of suicide or self harm
Difficulties with memory
Requirement for certain jobs and careers
Work and/or relationship difficulty
Difficulty controlling anger or feeling unusually irritable
Ruling out psychological causes to sleep disturbance
Separation issues or school phobia
Child or adolescent conduct problems
To better understand the nature of a child's behavior


The Morgens Group focuses on providing individualized feedback and practical treatment recommendations that are understandable to our clients. We believe the evaluation process is therapeutic in that our clients gain a greater understanding of themselves, their functioning, the root causes of their difficulties, and what steps they can take to make the changes they are seeking.



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