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School Consultations and Observations


Client-based School Consultation
The Morgens Group offers a variety of consultation services to your child’s school. We work with our clients’ Academic Teams to offer insights, support and recommendations. While most of our client-based school consultations follow the completion of an evaluation or educational assessment, we also work with schools regarding our therapeutic clients or client’s wishing to seek consultation.

School-requested Consultation
We also provide on-site consultation and professional development training for public or private schools looking to enhance services within their own school or district's programs or who have questions regarding one of their students


School Observations
Either in conjunction with our evaluations and educational assessments or as a separate service, we offer school observations.  The purpose of these observations is to gain a better understanding of a child’s functioning while considering the interplay among their academic, social, emotional and behavioral functioning, which in turn, aids in the development of the necessary interventions and supports that may be unique to your child.


Observations generally occur for half a day, although full-day observations are also available. Following the observation, a feedback session is schedule to review and discuss the findings and recommendations. This feedback is also detailed in a written report that can be given to the child’s school. In cases where the observation is provided in conjunction with an evaluation, the feedback and report are incorporated into those results.

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