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Neurodevelopmental Evaluations

A Neurodevelopmental (Developmental) Evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of young children (infancy through pre-school-aged) to better understand his or her brain systems and developmental status and also addresses behavioral, emotional, and learning difficulties.  The specific areas assessed include:

Areas Addressed by a
Neurodevelopmental Evaluation

Cognitive Functioning
Developmental Abilities
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Sensory Processing
Adaptive and Self-Help skills/functioning
Language Development and Communication Skills
Social/Interpersonal and Play Skill
Social/Emotional/Behavioral Functioning
Academic Readiness/Abilities
Attention Skills

Common childhood difficulties that bring families to seek a Neurodevelopmental Evaluation include:

Common Childhood Difficulties

Delayed or unusual development
Delays in language milestones or halted language
Delays in motor development
Hearing loss or difficulty understanding others
Social delays or difficulties interacting with other children
Difficulties interacting with parents or caregivers
Behavioral problems
Poor self-help or adaptive daily living skills
Sensory issues (hypersensitive, easily over-stimulated, etc.)
Learning Difficulties
High levels of anxiety
Poor attention and ability to regulate self


Results of a Neurodevelopmental Evaluations will include a comprehensive profile of the child’s strengths and weaknesses as an individual, and may include a diagnosis, if criteria are met, in order to provide child-specific early intervention strategies and determine what therapeutic services and neurodevelopmental activities are needed in order to optimize a child’s developmental growth, learning and educational success.

Depending on the results, recommendations may include:

Potential Recommendations

   Early Intervention for development, academics or behavioral growth
   Therapeutic Interventions or counseling
   Strategies for Parents, Caregivers, and Educators
   Community resources
   Referrals for other services




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