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Educational Evaluations and Assessments  
An Educational or Learning Evaluation includes an assessment of the client’s intellectual abilities and basic academic skills, and typically includes 2 to 4 hours of formal testing.  An educational evaluation usually provides enough information to identify specific learning strengths, disabilities and differences, and can provide recommendations for very general learning support and accommodations. 

The areas addressed in an individual's evaluation are determined by the referral question, client's (or parent) concerns, and observations made during interview and test administration. Some abilities may be measured in more detail than others, depending upon the client's individual needs.


Reasons for Obtaining an Educational Evaluation

Identify if a learning disability is present (e.g., reading disability, etc.)
Identify if standardized testing accommodations are necessary
See how a student is performing relative to age-matched peers
Update to see how well academic support or remediation is working
Assessment for Gifted and Talented programs
Fulfillment of Private School Entry or School Placement requirement

Learning Disabilities  

Learning disabilities generally fall into the three basic academic skill-sets: reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia), and math (dyscalculia). We provide Educational Evaluations that assess any of the three areas.  This option is best when other neuro-cogntiive processes are being, or have already been, ruled out.

Standardized Testing Accommodations
  We offer Educational Evaluations for students with disabilities (Learning, ADHD, etc.) that warrant accommodations for standardized testing in accordance with the requirements outlined by the publishers of the following tests:
Gifted and Talented  
Gifted testing is one of our specialties, and we take great care in getting to understand the needs of our clients in order to provide the most accurate assessment possible.  Our gifted assessments include cognitive and achievement testing and, depending on the child, his or her age, and the program requirements, may include any of the following tests:
WPPSI-IV Stanford-Binet: 5th Edition
WISC-IV Torrence Test of Creative Thinking
WAIS-IV Woodcock-Johnson, Tests of Achievment - III
School Entry Testing  
Many private schools require current cognitive testing (Wechsler Scales:  WPPSI-IV, WISC-IV, WAIS-IV) as part of their application requirement.  We are dedicated to providing a relaxing environment that helps put your child at ease in order to maximize accurate results.

What an Educational Evaluation does not assess:
Educational evaluations do not typically assess underlying neuro-cognitive processes such as attention and concentration, executive functioning, sensory and motor difficulties, inductive and deductive reasoning skills, and speed of processing, as well as specificity of learning style and the emotional components that impact of these areas and learning.

A neuropsychological evaluation examines the underlying neurocognitive processes that contribute to specific learning challenges, as well as the strengths that can be used to compensate for such challenges, in order to provide comprehensive, client-specific recommendations for intervention.





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