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The Morgens Group strives to promote individual and family growth through a variety of therapeutic processes in a safe, supportive, and caring environment.  We believe the collaboration between clients and therapist is paramount to the successful achievement of therapeutic goals.

Our therapists work with each client to assess his or her needs and empower them to work towards achieving their treatment goals. The framework of therapy varies depending on the therapist, the nature of the need for therapy, and the age of the client.


Therapeutic Approaches


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Whether your child is dealing with a behavioral, emotional, or social challenge, our therapists will help him or her develop the necessary skills and tools to thrive. We start by building a solid and trusting relationship where your child will feel safe, accepted, supported, and empowered. We always work with parents as we establish clear goals and treatment inventions based on each childís unique challenges. We also provide parents with regular feedback and strategies they can use to support their child at home.

In many cases, we do not see children alone as they are part of a family system. It is not unusual for us to have parents in the therapy room contributing solutions to the problems, and working on skill building to help foster therapeutic growth for their child. For many children, improvement or sustaining gains requires support and change at home in order to avoid regressing back to the previous challenges.

Common issues our pediatric therapists work with include:

ADHD, ADD Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Depression, Mood Disorders Sibling Issues, Family Problems
Anxiety Divorce
Developmental Disabilities Social Anxiety
Behavioral Issues Social Skills
School Stress Organizational Difficulties
Low Self- Esteem Computer Addiction

In order for therapy to work with a teen-aged child, he or she needs to trust their therapist and find value in the sessions.  At The Morgens Group, our therapists who work with teens provide a down-to-Earth, yet focused approach that fosters trust and collaboration with your teen while working towards tangible results.

The unique nature of the therapist-client relationship allows our teen clients the opportunity to gain wisdom from a respected adult, and even learn vital skills (e.g., setting boundaries, advocating for self, conflict resolution, etc.) that can help them navigate the challenges of the teen years and young adulthood.

Common issues our teen-oriented therapists work with include:

Depression, Mood Disorders Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Bipolar Disorder Sibling Issues, Family Problems
Anxiety Disorders Divorce
Social Phobia ADHD, ADD
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Grief Counseling
School/Performance Anxiety Developmental Disabilities
School Stress / Motivation Issues Social Skills / Friendship Issues
Behavioral Issues Dating Issues
Conflict Resolution Organizational Difficulties
Low Self- Esteem Computer Addiction
Transition Issues Limit Setting

While all of our therapists have different backgrounds and areas of expertise, they share the same philosophy that individual therapy is a collaborative process where the client and therapist work together to establish goals and work towards achieving those goals.

Clinical specialties for adults include:

Depression /  Mood Disorders Grief Counseling
Bipolar Disorder Social Skills
Anxiety Disorders Executive Function difficulties
Social Phobia Life Transitions
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Work Issues
Stress Reduction Low Self-Esteem
ADD Motivation Issues

In addition to the services offered to adults, we also have therapists who work with issues that often accompany the transition into one's senior years.  These include:

Life changes, Depression, Isolation, Loss, and Wellness


Couples and Marital Counseling
We live in a time of change... many of our roles are very different than the roles our parents or grandparents modeled for us growing up. Also, the demands for success, happy family life, and managing multiple roles can put a strain on our relationships.  Many married couples who do not seek help end in divorce or enter a state of "emotional divorce," which can have serious effects on their physical and emotional health.

The problem for most couples is not so much the trouble they experience, but rather that they have gone too long without reaching out for help. Our marriage and couples therapists believe there isnít anything a motivated and dedicated couple cannot achieve. However, often the first step is reaching out to a professional who is dedicated to working with couples.

Common issues our Marriage and Couples Therapists work with:

Pre-marital Counseling Conflict Resolution
Cheating / Rebuilding Dependency / Co-Dependency
Lying and Trust Work and Life Stressors / Demands
Jealousy Communication Problems
Anger / Resentment Loss of Closeness
Feeling Disrespected / Misunderstood Loss of Intimacy
Feelings of Estrangement Understanding your Partner's Needs
Financial Conflicts    

Family Therapy
Family therapy can be useful when children or adolescents are having current problems, when families want to prevent future problems, or when a family wants to "heal" from a past problem or trauma. In family therapy, no single person is viewed as "the problem." Instead, family therapy can help identify how family patterns are impacting the overall health of the individual members, as well as create strategies for facilitating better communication and healthy change.

Common issues and questions our Family Therapists work with:

Family Conflict / Anger Issues Single Parent Difficulties
Communication Difficulties Divorce, Separation, Reunification
Parenting Difficulties Multiple Home Parenting
Discipline / Behavior Problem Issues Blended Families / Step-Parent Issues
Lack of Mutual Respect Sibling Problems
Dealing with Moves or Changes Teenage Issues
Coping with a Loss or a Death Young Child Issues
Life Transitions Decreased Family Fun
Career/work Conflicts Family Dissatisfaction





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