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Educational Therapy at The Morgens Group

At The Morgens Group, our Educational Therapy team combines educational and therapeutic approaches for modifying and teaching/tutoring children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities or learning problems.  Our Educational Therapists (ET), and tutors not only address the academic aspects of learning, but they also address the social-emotional aspects that may be impacting learning.     

Areas of

Aspects Addressed
by our ET Team

Each of our ET Tutors (Educational Therapy Tutors) has
a minimum of a Bachelorís degree and have met rigorous professional requirements in their area of expertise (e.g., elementary and/or secondary education, child development, educational assessment, learning theory, learning disabilities, principles of educational therapy, etc.).   Our Educational Therapists have advanced degrees and are also all members of the Association of Educational Therapy.  All members of our Educational Therapy staff are required to attend continuing education workshops.


Our ET Tutors:

Works with the Educational Therapist who performs and interprets assessments that outline a studentís learning profile.  Our ET tutors determine if other factors are impeding progress and make a referral if other services are beneficial.
Work directly with a neuropsychologist to interpret and utilize the studentís neuro-cognitive profile and/or learning profile to develop a training program that maximizes use of the strengths and best fosters growth for areas of weakness.
Observe the studentís approach as a factor in learning and work production.
Recognize the academic struggle stems from an underlying learning issue that are "prioritized" as primary versus secondary.
Not only identify current problems, but also anticipate problems that may emerge when the academic context or demands change.
Teach students beyond on the immediate content, the skills necessary to begin succeeding independently.
Consult and coordinate with the studentís teachers, specialists, etc. to maximize strength of the training program and provide suggestions for the school environment.
Monitor progress and make modifications as they are needed.
Work with the student and his or her family to develop advocacy skills.
Work with a high level of integrity, honesty and respect for the student.

Areas of Specialization

Academic Tutoring

Our academic ET Tutors work with a variety of subject areas.  Prior to developing the training program, our academic ET Tutors will work with a neuropsychologist to determine the student's learning strengths and weaknesses.   Our academic ET Tutors are dedicated to teaching beyond the content of the subject.  In other words, our ET Tutors will simultaneously teach students how to employ their own strategies and begin to succeed independently.


Issues our ET Tutors address


Learning Disabilities

Language Processing Problems
  Dyslexia, Reading and Writing Difficulties Visual Processing Problems
  Math Disabilities Poor Motivation
  Foreign Language (please inquire) Low Academic Self-esteem
  Science, History Poor Organizational and Study Skills
  Non-Verbal Learning Disorder School and Test Anxiety
      School Placement and Retention

Learning difficulties stemming from:

Summer-time Regression
  Attention Deficit Disorder    
  Autism Spectrum and Aspergerís Disorder    
  Fragile X, Tourette Syndrome,  etc.    


Test Preparation

Whether for private school, College or Graduate school, our ET Tutors work 1:1 with students who have special learning needs or who have struggled with traditional review courses.


Standardized Tests

AP Exams SAT Subject Tests GMAT

Organizational Coaching
Our Organizational Coaches work with students who are struggling in school due to poor organizational skills, poor attention/focus (e.g., ADD, ADHD, etc.), low motivation, and underdeveloped study habits. 

Working 1:1, our coaches work to help equip students with effective organizational and study strategies making classes and assignment that were once overwhelming more manageable. Being organized and feeling control over academic demands increases motivation and confidence.

Concepts of Organizational Coaching

Maintaining a Planner

Time Management and Proactive Planning

Organization at Home and in School

Effective Study Skills

Goal Setting

Self Awareness / Meta-cognitive Skills

Self-implementation of External Structure

Self Reward
Developing and Maintaining Self-Motivation




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