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  Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
A 10-week cognitive-behavioral group for anxiety, stress and worry where clients learn Cognitive and Behavioral strategies the aimed to:
Reduce stress or physical tension
Improve sleep and concentrating
Eliminate panic and phobias
Regulate appetite and mood
Enhance overall health and well-being
  Groups for ADHD and Executive Function Disorder
Does your child or teen struggle with poor attention, impulsivity, and reduced frustration tolerance? Do problems with poor planning, time mismanagement, and difficulty organizing and "getting started" interfere with your child’s school performance?

Our research-based group combines psycho-education and goal-oriented cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT) to address core executive skills for children and teens with ADHD and executive skills deficits. Participants work to develop and meet weekly personal goals.

Helping Children and Teens with ADHD...


Learn to "stop" before acting  

Control their emotions  

Cope with stress  

Increase flexibility  


Sustain attention  

Improve working memory  

Sense and manage time  

Get organized (e.g., homework)  

Learn how to plan (e.g., study plan)  
  Get "started" on tasks  


Persist with their goals  
  Enrollment and Group Information

Group sessions run weekly for 12 weeks in our Wellesley Hills location. Group participants are matched by age. Suitable candidates include children and teens who are motivated to work on their challenges and who do not present with significant behavioral problems. Some parent participation is required. Please visit our website or contact our offices for enrollment information. Enrollment is limited.
  Group Therapy for Social Skills and Social Anxiety/Shyness

Social Skills Groups for Pre-School through Middle School

Groups with young children and pre-adolescents focus mainly on learning skills associated with the curriculum listed. The children participate in fun activities and drama to help teach and foster pragmatic language development.  However, it is only part of therapeutic experience provided. The other part is the group process that develops as the sessions progress. Over time, group members tend to emulate many of their issues from home, school, work, etc. This is the time for the group to process and learn from the issues and problems.  The children are also encouraged to discuss social issues or problems they encounter outside group. This helps normalize many of the issues our children have, as well as foster a supportive group environment.

  Curriculum Summary
Our groups cover the following areas:
Body Language Awareness of Self and Others
Communication Skills Emotional Awareness
Social Language Social Problem Solving
  Click here for a more detailed summary

Social Skills Groups for High School Students


Does your teen have trouble making and keeping friends, report feeling bullied, or need help reading social cues?

Or does your teenager shy away from social interactions?

Our goal-oriented groups are geared toward helping motivated teens develop the skills needed to successfully navigate their social world through fun activities and drama, as well as direct instruction and coaching.


Helping Teens Develop...


Effective conversational skills


Strategies to handle bullying, rumors and gossip


Social confidence and assertiveness


Active and silent leadership skills


New friendships


Social problem-solving skills


Cooperation and teamwork skills


Coping strategies for anxiety and stress


Stronger nonverbal communication skills


Skills for handing arguments and disagreements


Smooth school transitions and skills for "fitting in"  
The High School Group is a transitional group. Group members are also taught the basic skills listed in the curriculum, but the group is less structured, allowing for the development of a group dynamic. Group members learn as they interact with one another within this dynamic. Members are also encouraged to share and help each other cope and/or solve personal social problems.  Young teens in this group enjoy the continued use of drama as a powerful tool for learning skills.  

Special Group for Gifted Children and Teens!

Many gifted children struggle with shyness and social anxiety. Often, this either stems from or is exacerbated by the disparity between intellectual and social/emotional development.  

Our groups, specifically designed to address the needs of gifted children, combine the well established techniques of Social Effectiveness Therapy for Children (SET-C) by Deborah Beidel, Ph.D. and colleagues with the powerful art of drama and comedic improvisation in order to help the children and teens:

Improve self-concept and self-confidence

Decrease social anxiety and feelings of shyness

Improve interpersonal social skills and functioning

Increase participation in group and social activities

Learn they are not the only ones feeling shy or anxious


Does your gifted child or teen...


Struggle to connect with peers?  

Feel shy around others?  

Worry about what to say in groups?  

Fear a negative response from peers?  

Worry about appearing out-of-sync?  

Worry about looking "too smart?"  

Seem confident in some situations, but not others?  

Struggle with less-than-perfect results?  

Take life events more seriously than others?  

Great in one to one play situations, but quiet and unsure in larger groups?  


Group sessions run weekly for 12 weeks in our Wellesley Hills office. Group members are matched by age. Appropriate candidates are motivated children and teens who are intellectually gifted, struggling with social relationships and/or social confidence, and presenting with no significant behavioral issues. Please contact our office for enrollment information.  

Groups for Young Adults and Older Adults

These groups are a combination of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Process-Oriented Therapy.  Pragmatic themes are discussed in the context of the group process.  While much of the material comes from the group dynamic, as well as any issues or problems that the members share from their own environment, this group is goal-oriented utilizing CBT to improve skills.







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